Ask What The Platform Can Do For You
Forms for setting up the app, Authentication & Hosting. We got you covered!

List Your App with a Simple Pull Request

Push your code to us and we take care of the rest

Building an app has never been easier. Fork our repo, write an app and use our developer console to test it out. Once you are done, send us a pull request. Once we accept your app, it is hosted on the SupportBee platform and available to every company on SupportBee. It will also be listed in the App Directory.


Add a Setup Form via our Forms DSL

Forms are hard. Leave them up to us

Most apps need some settings. For example a campfire app needs a subdomain, room and token. We expose a DSL that lets you define what you need from your users. We render the forms, store the settings and make them accessible to your app as a simple ruby object whenever needed. Easy!

Invoke Automatically or Manually from UI

Every app is different. We understand that!

You can make two kinds of hosted apps on the SupportBee Platform.

First of all, there are apps that are automatically invoked on every ticket, reply and/or comment. For example, the Campfire app can send you notifications for all tickets and replies.

You can also build apps that add a button in the SupportBee user interface. Users can then click a button to manually invoke the app on a ticket or a set of tickets. You can also define a handlebars template if you want users to edit the details before they call your app. An example of the button invocation approach is the Pivotal Tracker App: the user selects a set of tickets and sends them to pivotal as new stories.


Add functionality using our API wrapper

Easily access the Supportbee API and stop worrying about versioning

You can make your app perform any Supportbee feature you want, such as assigning tickets or posting a comment on a ticket. To code this up you can easily access our API using our wrapper. No need to worry about auth keys (we handle it for you) or versioning (we keep the wrapper updated as the API evolves).

Test with the Developer Console

Testing is fun again!

Once you fork our repo and start creating an app, you can fire up a web console to test out the app. You can fill in the settings for your app and fire events like New Ticket, New Reply, New Comment.