The Gitignore Project

In the last few weeks, we have built AboutMyBrowser, WhatIsMyIP and a few other internal apps. We realized that the first thing we usually do, is copy .gitignore file from SupportBee over to the new codebase.

This file has grown over the last two years. We primarily use Mac Vim as our editor. It creates swap files for each file you open in the editor. Also some gems create cache folders which should not be in your repository.

Some of the files and folders are generated by the development and test environments. We use coffeescript to build our single page frontend javascript applications. The javascripts files generated in development and test modes should not end up in the repository.

The intial aim of this post was to introduce ‘The Gitignore Project’; a collection .gitignore files which can be globally used or can be OS or editor specific. But we found out the folks at Github have already done that! Fork it here

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Avinasha Shastry
Avinasha Shastry