The technology and tools that power SupportBee

I started working on SupportBee’s codebase in late 2010. A lot has changed in our codebase and tech stack since then. I wanted to write a bit about our tech stack and infrastructure since it’s a common question when we talk to prospective team members.

Hosting and Infrastructure



  • ES6/CoffeeScript
  • React/Redux/Backbone/jQuery
  • Ably for real-time features.
  • Sass for stylesheets.
  • Webpack for managing assets.
  • Jasmine/Mocha/Enzyme/Cucumber for testing.
  • Rollbar for error tracking and debugging customer issues.


  • Stripe for payments.
  • for communicating with customerts (new features, feature specific communication)
  • Mixpanel for product analytics (who is what), and Google analytics for other analytics.

There you have it - the biggest pieces that make up SupportBee. If you have any questions, we’d love to answer them.

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Hana Mohan
Hana Mohan