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Retry a subset of failed jobs in Resque 1.x

Retrying failed jobs via Resque’s web interface is pretty tiresome, especially when there are more than a handful of them. So I’ve quickly written down a small script that’ll do it for me. Copy the snippet below and paste it in a rails console def retry_if(&should_retry) redis = Resque.redis (0...Resque::Failure.count).each...
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Installing ChromeDriver on Ubuntu

We use Cucumber for integration testing of SupportBee. While the scenarios run smoothly on the CI, but they sometimes fail randomly on the local setup with the below error. ` unable to obtain stable firefox connection in 60 seconds ( ` ` (Selenium::WebDriver::Error::WebDriverError) ` As you can see above, Firefox...
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Jim Weirich

" To mock or not to mock, that’s the question? " We miss you Jim :(
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Crafting the User (Developer) Experience of Your APIs

Avinasha from our team recently delivered a great talk on improving the developer experience of consuming an API at the Metarefresh conference. Thanks to the hardwork of the Hasgeek Team, who also happen to be a SupportBee customer, we have the video in less than 24 hours of the event....
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Creating a Mobile Version for Your Single Page Backbone.js App using jQuery Mobile

SupportBee, our Customer Service Software is a single page app powered by Backbone.js and Bootstrap CSS framework. Even though bootstrap offers responsive layouts out of the box, they work well only for simple sites (like our marketing site) and not for web applications. Also, there are many desktop features that...
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