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Mapping SupportBee's Users around the World

Our customers come from all around the world, as a matter of fact, they come from 79 different countries, and login to SupportBee almost everyday. So we had decided to share brief stories about our awesome users, and put up a page about them on SupportBee.com. With just a little...
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Integrating Rails Simple Form with Semantic UI

While working on a complete UI redesign for SupportBee, we moved away from Bootstrap and decided to use Semantic UI. We loved Semantic UI because, besides being awesome, it offered UI components which helped us really speed up front-end development at SupportBee. What is Semantic UI? It is a modern...
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Adding React to our stack

Backbone has been a game changer for SupportBee. However, time has made its limitations, when it comes to building views, very clear. We have a lot of code to hook data up to the views and we really wanted to get rid of it. React has been on our radar...
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Automating ssh key deployment in Rails apps with Ansible

I decided to automate ssh key management on servers last week, after having done it manually for a couple of days. I typically used Capistrano to automate server configuration but had been searching for a tool which had a declarative style and works over SSH (just like Capistrano). Fortunately, I...
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Retry a subset of failed jobs in Resque 1.x

Retrying failed jobs via Resque’s web interface is pretty tiresome, especially when there are more than a handful of them. So I’ve quickly written down a small script that’ll do it for me. Copy the snippet below and paste it in a rails console def retry_if(&should_retry) redis = Resque.redis (0...Resque::Failure.count).each...
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