GoodBye Ubuntu!

After using ubuntu for about 3 years, I have finally given up on it. What started out like a great affair has come to an end. Before using ubuntu, Gentoo used to be my favorite distro simply for the performance I used to get on my 256MB RAM system. Then I moved to Bangalore and I installed ubuntu 5.10 on my laptop. I was extremely impressed by the beautiful background, sound and the installation process. I remember evangelizing it in my company then and made them switch from redhat to ubuntu and setup a apt-get proxy for them. Ubuntu 6.06 was probably the best ubuntu release ever and after that ubuntu started bloating up. It was all fine till 7.04 but 7.10 and 8.04 have been such a pain to use. Ubuntu 8.04, Hardy Heron has been the worst ubuntu ever. I have been using it for the last one month and either my desktop freezes or X gets screwed up every few hours. Even if I try to post on ubuntu forums and get some help, I am not sure of how to speed the damn thing up. On my 2GB RAM AMD 64 system it runs real slow with many applications dimming down (dunno how to describe the effect) because they are not responding.  Considering all this and the fact that I spend more than 12 hours a day in front of my PC, I have kissed ubuntu goodbye and have moved back to gentoo. I spent the whole day today installing gentoo the good old command line way and finally have been able to get the basic system, sounds and XFCE up. I am currently installing all work related stuff (ror, java etc) and I think by tomorrow I should be back in the game. Speed looks good so far and I know that gentoo should not let me down. I will post a detailed review sometime later

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