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The technology and tools that power SupportBee

I started working on SupportBee’s codebase in late 2010. A lot has changed in our codebase and tech stack since then. I wanted to write a bit about our tech stack and infrastructure since it’s a common question when we talk to prospective team members. Hosting and Infrastructure Hosted on...
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Sandboxing 3rd party JavaScript widgets

The outside world is evil, I mean it. But it is also old, very old. And your cool, magical widget has to survive out there. How can you make sure of it? Last week we published a blog post on building 3rd party widgets in JavaScript. Let’s recap briefly the...
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A simple framework for developing 3rd party JavaScript widgets

Almost two years ago I quit a desk job and decided to work remotely and that was one of the best choices I’ve ever made! As a remote software developer I rely a lot on notifications - our team communicates on Flowdock and we also use Github, Trello, Invision and...
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How this single controller shielded our Rails app from Tuesday's Amazon S3 outage

While many popular services on the internet were severely affected during Tuesday’s Amazon S3 outage, SupportBee remained very much functional. We continued to import emails forwarded by our users and our users continued to use SupportBee’s dashboard to write emails to their customers. Our users could even upload and send...
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Building a powerful search engine powered by Elasticsearch and Rails (part 1)

For years Elasticsearch powered the search feature of SupportBee. Well, it just got better, a lot better! And the whole process was a very instructive experience. Now I’m going to relive it. This tutorial intends to help you build a powerful search engine for you project. It will dig into...
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